Monday, October 4, 2010

Reasons Why Granite is a Special Construction Material

Granite refers to a commonly occurring igneous rock. It generally has medium to coarse texture and few crystals are larger than groundmass. The color of granites can range from pink to dark gray, sometimes it can also be black, theis factor actually relies on the granite chemistry as well as mineralogy. A granite supplier including the special tiles and stone table tops suppliers would generally work upon the raw granite and make it available to the buyers.

Since granite is most of the times massive with minimal internal structures with high abrasion resistance and toughness it is widely used as a construction stone. The Red Pyramid of Egypt which is named for light crimson hue of exposed granite surfaces) and Menkaure's Pyramid were few of the monuments which were constructed using limestone as well as granite blocks.

Today polished granite would be used for making floorings, kitchen countertops and stone table tops. Its high durability as well as aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for a large number of people. With the increase in demand of the natural stones for construction purposes the overall number of natural stone suppliers and stone table tops suppliers has risen significantly. Nowadays you can find a reliable granite supplier online also.

Apart from granite marble is another natural stone which is seeing a rise in demand. Magnificent marble patterns are used to embellish the floor of various rooms. Most of the natural stone suppliers provide a range of natural stones including marble, granite, sandstone and limestone. Moreover for the benefit of customers these stones are being made available at very affordable prices. One can easily check out the granite and marble patterns online before ordering them.